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What this site is about

Ok, having read the warning on the previous page you are obviously game for a laugh. This site is intended for fans of the Old Firm to log on and have a go at each other by means of humorous banter. We, the site creators intend to make sure the site is run in the nature it is intended. That is to give a the world a glimpse of the raw bating that has existed between these two sets of supporters for over a century now. Yes, in the past there has been pitched battles between the two camps both on and off the park, which is only human nature and makes the fixture the special occasion it is. However, nowadays, more often than not we vent our differences with our neighbours with a good old fashioned slagging match where nothing gets hurt but our pride.

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For other sections of this site which are both entertaining and informative click on the links in the crowd at the top. Below is some info on what's contained within the sections.

HOME GAME: Well, unless you're Stevie Wonder, you're currently looking at it.

OLD FIRM FACTS: This section gives us a bit of background on both Rangers and Celtic. The football clubs that the fans of this unique website follow so passionately.
HA HA: Need a good joke to rib rival fans down at the boozers at the weekend. If so, check out this section for some of the best footie jokes around. Also, send us your gags and we will post the best of them up. Keeping the site fresh to encourage repeat visits to the site.
THE GALLERY: Here you will find topical pictures that will hopefully give you a belly full of laughs.
SUPPORTERS CLUBS & LINKS: We plan to build a section with information on supporters clubs from around the globe. If you run, or are a member of a supporters club and we don't already have your information, let us know the details.
FAN FUN: Anything goes in this section really, as long as it is Old Firm related, and funny of course. Voting for your all time best player etc.



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About the Forum
The main and most important part of this site is the chat rooms of which there are three.

• SCORE A POINT is intended for the more intelligent open minded Old Firm fans who can back up their arguments with firm facts and reasonable points of view. They might even go as far as to congratulate the other teams good result in Europe. Mmmm! ok, that's perhaps pushing it a bit far.

SLAGGING MATCH is all out verbal war and definitely NOT for bleeding heart liberals (Partick Thistle Fans). Most things will be tolerated on this chat room. However the threat of physical violence towards another member will NOT be tolerated. This will result in them being huckled (banned from using the chat rooms) by the stewards and their username will be displayed in THE ASYLUM. Less serious offences will be given a warning and will result in a yellow card by the administrator (ref). A second yellow and it's cold turkey in THE CLINK. Only being let back onto the chatroom after a grovelling apology which will be posted up for all to see.
AWAY FANS - This Chat Room is also openly available to fans of other clubs. If you feel you have to come on with a point regarding this site, have a go at Rangers and Celtic fans, or even talk about your own clubs then feel free, you might get a response. Depends how much people are interested in your views. It will be interesting to see.
OVERSEAS SUPPORTERS - This forum is openly available to anyone who has an interest in Rangers or Celtic. However, it has been created mainly for followers of the Old Firm who perhaps have left our shores for whatever reason and would like to touch base with supporters back home. Fans of other teams in Europe and beyond are also very welcome. We ask only one thing in regards to this forum. Please respect the fact that on no account do we want idiotic behavior or insulting language to be used on this forum. If you do, your posts will be removed.
We will be adding even more sections to the OLD FIRM FORUM as the site grows in popularity. Watch out for updates.

Glossary of terms and insults explained

For those of you who are a bit puzzled by some of the language used throughout this site, here is a bit of translation that may help you understand meanings and phrases. Very often these derogatory terms are expressed with no knowledge of where they come from, or what they actually mean. Thankfully most people realise that the history behind these sayings should indeed stay as history, and are used more often out of ignorance, or without malice.
Rangers fan derogatory
description of a Celtic fan
Celtic fan derogatory
description of a Rangers fan
(Irish nationalist Catholics, from the revolutionary association of irishmen, formed in the middle of the 19th century in order to overthrow English domination of Ireland)
(from the word 'Hanoverian' - protestant monarchy from Hanover, Germany who came to the British throne in 1714 with King George 1st, which in turn led to the Jacobite rebellion)
(Originally from the Irish word 'tadhg' - old Irish name for poet)
dob (dirty orange bastard)
(Orangeman - a member of the Protestant organisation, the orange order)
(From the word 'papish', pope worshiper)
masonic (b*****d)
(Member of the masonic lodge, can be directed at a ref, judge or policeman)
Rangers fans (call themselves)
Celtic fans (call themselves)
billy boys
(Name comes from an infamous Protestant razor gang in Glasgow's east end in the late 1920's. The name Billy comes from the gang's founder Billy Fullerton, and not from 'King Billy' - King William of Orange (as some believe), who defeated the Catholic King James at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in the year 1690)
(From an amalgamation of Catholic gangs who called themselves the 'Tim Malloys' from the Calton area of Glasgow in the early 1900's)
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